Bushwillow Gin


The Flowstone Bushwillow Gin brings the unique flavours of this pristine landscape to gin lovers around the world. Using only the finest ingredients and hand-picked African botanicals grown in the wild, they have created some of the most unique and delicious gin in the world.

This member of the Bushwillow family produces beautiful winged seed pods, large enough to comfortably fill an adult’s cupped hand.  The pods rustle in the breeze making a sound reminiscent of waves brushing beach sand. They are a favourite of graceful spiral-horned kudu that gather beneath  the trees in late summer to browse the seedpods for the nutty kernel hidden inside.

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South Africa




700 ml

Tasting Notes

Tasting Notes

This is the most striking gin in the Flowstone range. It is full-flavoured with unusual and seductive woody, earthy notes. The Bushwillow seed pods impart a robust, rich, nutty, warmth that envelopes the mouth.  It is unlike any other gin – anywhere! The taste lingers on the side of the tongue inviting another sip.

Serving suggestion

Serving suggestion

The perfect serve for each of the Flowstone gins contains various botanicals as well as seasonal garnishes ranging through charred cashews, tempered fennel, grannysmith apples, cinnamon, watermelon, mango and then some.