Marula Gin


Marula, the iconic fruit of Africa, has been enjoyed by man and elephants alike over the millennia. These majestic Bushveld trees produce an abundance of fruits in the African mid-summer months of January and February. The antics of elephants that have overindulged in fallen fermenting Marulas are legendary.

Clear Juniper creates the backbone, and floral depth is provided by Bushveld Wild Pear, Dombeya rontundifolia, flowers from Acacia caffra the Bushveld’s delightful Sweet-thorn Acacia, and Buddleja salvifolia.

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700 ml

Tasting notes

Tasting notes

Marula has a hard-to-pin-down flavour that combines a clear tangy edge with a rich almost sweet citrus. The langorous scent of Marula is utterly distinctive and the gin delivers a luscious Marula bouquet that primes the palate for the soft tang that floods the mouth. Think passion fruit mingled with lime.

Serving suggestion

Serving suggestion

The perfect serve for each of the Flowstone gins contains various botanicals as well as seasonal garnishes ranging through charred cashews, tempered fennel, grannysmith apples, cinnamon, watermelon, mango and then some.