Cape Fynbos Gin


Quadruple distilled from the finest white grape spirits in small batches. Extensive fractional distillation produces a smooth base of the finest quality and purity. This pure spirit is then infused with premium juniper berries and elements from 33 indigenous botanicals, sustainably hand harvested for their bark, roots, berries, flowers, stems, peels or leaves. Most of these botanicals are members of the fynbos group of plants for which the region is world famous.

These botanicals are macerated in the alcoholic base prior distillation to allow for optimal binding of the herbal aromas. Vapour-path extraction of flavours are then achieved by suspending the botanicals from the top of the kettle in a muslin bag.

A stepwise bending of pure Franschhoek granite mountain spring water results in a truly unique gin of the highest quality.

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South Africa


Grape Grinder


50 ml, 500 ml

Tasting notes

Tasting notes

Colour: Cape Fynbos Gin 50cl is clear and translucent, as the purest gin. Aroma: Complex bouquet with the traditional touch of juniper, and the light and fresh character of cloves and oranges. Taste: Sweet and smooth on the mouth, with a particularly herby character and honey notes.

Serving suggestions

Serving suggestions

The best way to enjoy this botanical masterpiece is with some Indian tonic, cucumber sliced longways and mint for garnish.