Wild Cucumber Gin


This stunning fruit, that grows wild in the Bushveld, delivers wonderful fresh cucumber and lime early in the ripening cycle. As its colours change from speckled green to a distinctive swirling orange, vibrant but subtle flavours of green melon and kiwi emerge.

Floral depth is provided by Buddleja salvifolia the Bushveld’s prolifically flowering ‘Butterfly Bush’, so-named because of the masses of butterflies it attracts in early summer.

The Wild Cucumber, or African Horned Melon, looks alien-like, and even made an appearance on Star Trek as “Golana melon” from the planet of Golana.
Luckily, we found a better use for the African fruit in our Wild Cucumber Flowstone Gin. This creates a smooth, fresh and clean drink for you to enjoy.

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700 ml

Tasting notes

Tasting notes

Smooth, fresh and clean, to this distinctive and complex cucumber gin. Clear notes of cucumber combine with an edge of kiwi. Clear juniper adds middle to high notes.

Serving suggestion

Serving suggestion

The perfect serve for each of the Flowstone gins contains various botanicals as well as seasonal garnishes ranging through charred cashews, tempered fennel, grannysmith apples, cinnamon, watermelon, mango and then some.